About us

” A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost..”

………together we seek these special moments, and SNAP!

Mazz Little Sister’s :


just chilling with my pink giraffe & her red pyjamas

This Blog is a collaboration of 2 sisters:

Big Sister & Little Sister”

Growing up, 3 1/2 years apart, we always got along. with two amazing parents to guide us, we had a very memorable childhood.

As we grew up, through teenage years, we began to see our differences, and like all siblings, we had our disagreements; who gets the phone, who drives the car….etc…

Regardless of any squabbles, we are to this day, very close. We know that, though yet very different, we are just so much alike. Our sisterhood has grown so important, that we know nothing and no-one can break our bond.

Thirty + years later, both married; Big Sister with 3 kids, and Little Sister has 1 boy and currently 1 bun in the oven…

Through this Blog, we will both be posting our likes, lives & photo memories of others who have let us capture them.

…we decided that we have way too much in common, not to create something great on our spare time.

We know you can trust in us to capture those special moments in your children’s lives.

A childhood passes soo quickly, and it’s the perfect snap-shots that preserve them in time…FOREVER!

Just like these snap shots of us growing up, nothing can take those moments away..they are priceless!

Feel free to contact us:


Laval, Quebec Canada

5 thoughts on “About us

  1. i love the pics of you guys! Wow so happy for the both of you! Congrats on ur new venture…definitely will be in touch when we do our family pics!!!

  2. Hey! I loved the 2 year photo shoot you did of my niece Olivia. Would you be able to give me some info on the newborn photo shoot options? Pricing, package, location etc?
    I’m due March 18.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Tanya. Thank you soo much for the compliment. Your niece Olivia is just stunning so that inspired us!

      Congratulations on ur pregnancy.. well we would gladly send u oir pricelist and answer any questions u have… If u can give us your enail..or write us at ours mazzlittleones@gmail.com
      We will get that info right to you!
      ; )
      Hope u read this message.

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